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Chesapeake City Museum

Chesapeake City, Maryland is a historic town on Maryland's Eastern Shore. With the passing of Harriett Davis, a town resident and historian, in 2020, our committee was formed and began organizing and archiving all of the materials she had collected. This museum had been a goal of Davis' for over thirty years, with original plans being drafted in the 1980's. With a very small team and no budget formed, I was able to lead a committee in archiving, organizing, and fundraising efforts. This included website and social media creation and maintenance, archiving over half of our historic collection, and planning to open the museum with community outreach. Along with these tasks, I also had the responsibility with managing any press inquiries, as well as managing our newsletter contact list and distribution of those newsletters, both digital and in print. These images are a combination of the homes in Chesapeake City, and photos from the ribbon cutting and opening event for the museum.

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